I’m having trouble hearing.

Many people experience difficulty hearing or loss of hearing at some point in their life. Hearing loss can cause difficulty communicating in social situations, at school, at work, or at home, and it may contribute to isolation and a decline in quality of life.

Hearing loss can make it difficult to understand other people in places such as restaurants, meetings, or at church. Hearing loss may simply be a part of aging or a sign of some other problem.

There are many factors which can cause or contribute to hearing loss, such as exposure to excessive noise, infections, the aging process, genetics, tumors, and other diseases of the middle or inner ear. There are many different treatments for hearing loss, but the most appropriate one will depend on what type of hearing loss you have. Audiologists can test your hearing, but they are not trained to recommend treatment. Treatment for your hearing loss may include medications, hearing aids or possibly surgery.

The physicians at the Shea Ear Clinic are exceptionally well trained at diagnosing and treating all forms of hearing loss. If you feel that you or someone in your family is having trouble heating or understanding people, you should make an appointment for them with one of the specialists at the Shea Ear Clinic. Thank you.

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