What makes the Shea Clinic special?

The answer is, quite simply, a tradition of excellence. This tradition was begun in 1926 by my grandfather, Dr. John Shea, Sr. He was a nationally known ear, nose, and throat surgeon, and was the president of the American Laryngological, Rhinological, and Otological Society. He practiced ear, nose, and throat surgery in Memphis until his death in 1952. That year, my father, DR. JOHN SHEA, JR., took over that practice and the Shea Clinic began a new generation. My father is best known for having developed the STAPEDECTOMY operation in 1956, a surgical treatment for otosclerosis, which made him world-famous in medical circles. He continued to practice until 2011 and I joined the Shea Clinic staff in 2002.

In 2016, the Shea Clinic will celebrate its 90th year in operation and continues to be a world-renowned center of excellence and innovation in otology and otolaryngology. The Shea Clinic is a free-standing tertiary referral center and ambulatory surgery center whose mission it is to provide state of the art care for patients with diseases of the ear, hearing, and balance system.

The Shea Clinic has four surgeons, three of whom are neurotologists, including myself, DR. JOHN EMMETT, and DR. BRIAN MCKINNON. We have one general ear, nose, and throat and facial plastic surgeon, DR. GREGORY STAFFEL. Many pioneering instruments and techniques have been developed over the years at the Shea Clinic, and we see patients from all over the United States and beyond. Treatments combine evidence-based medicine with cutting-edge procedures and personalized care.

Our modern three-story facility is conveniently located in east Memphis, and is connected to a Residence Inn, where many of our patients from outside the area stay. We have a diagnostic audiology department, CT scanner, two-room operating suite, recovery room, and full-service hearing aid center. Thank you for your interest in the SHEA CLINIC.

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